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Melody Warner

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Home Front [Nov. 28th, 2013|06:02 am]
Melody Warner
[mood |pleasedpleased]

Very nice meeting last night. I worked Wednesday, looking forward to a long service day and friends in the evening.
My prayers are with Carolyn and Lynette. Carolyn was in the hospital with her illness. So happy to see Amber's post. The girls look very happy.
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Week in review [Sep. 9th, 2007|07:21 am]
Melody Warner
[Current Location |basement]
[mood |energeticenergetic]
[music |sound of fan blowing in the other room]


Its a beautiful morning. Very ozark with a foggy mist  in the big oak trees.  We had a thunderstorm yesterday and several showers that lowered the humitity level. The grass has greened up and its very pretty.

Enjoyed the work week found some weak spots in my knowledge base (HA HA) Love the room to grow.
Also took a few minutes at the end of the day to look up some books of suggested reading to improve  my note taking and  recording of the biweekly leadership meeting.
I had a few minutes to read some of them last night.  
One is titled the Leadership Challenge it has some processes for improvement and the Other is "How to Manage People ( Including yourself)..." I liked some of the quotes from verious people throughout History.  It also has a chapter on time management( need that one).  I also checked out a third book title "Work Smarter not Harder".

My person project goal has been to aux. pio this month. In that end I received a letter back from someone who was not at home and I had written a letter.  I really appreciate anyone who takes time to write response. So I want to take time to write back soon.

Service has been enjoyable. Monday,being labor day, we were out all day and had some recreation with the group going bowling. I didn't play but really liked watching.  I laughed so hard throughout the day it was good therapy.

Tuesday I returned to work with "renewed vigor". Wednesday worked on lending from there the week flew by.
Thursday was the biweekly Leadership meeting, I'm still trying to get the hang of the lap-top for taking the meeting mintues.  To that end the three books meantioned early have chapter sections on taking notes and recording minutes. Friday moved along some of my co-workers were having basement flooding issues.

At home Friday night we studied the Revelation Climax Book for Saturday morning's bookstudy.  Saturday CF conducted and we had 9 in attendance. After we went in service with two groups of three each, meet back and three of us went to Jerome for R V's.  Then AW and myself went to feed the birds and check for mail etc at the P's home.
They are on vacation for a week and are scheduled back Monday.  The birds are a hoot!  Columbo and Sunny.
Columbo whistles  and Sunny sawks. After you talk with them for a while the settle down.

Lets see then Saturday night finished dinner around 7 ish and studied the watchtower for tomorrow. Endurance through prayer stays on my mind as a subject theme, at least it is one of the mainpoints. 

I didn't get any wash done, waiting till I can hang it outside. I put a load on this morning. Dad wants his hair done so I'll do that after service this afternoon. Plan on doing a load of wash every evening the beginning of this week--see how that goes (chuckle).  Mom and Amber bought a new ironing board cover it fits the old antique(over 60 years) really well.  

Well its ten minutes to 8 best check the washer.

Oh almost forgot wanted to comment on the daily text this morning....we must obey God as ruler while also obeying the superior authorities as long as their rules do not conflict.

Well next goal is to remember the location of the scriptures and the complete titles of those books......
Agape & Phila

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Last morning of a three day weekend [Sep. 3rd, 2007|07:13 am]
Melody Warner
[Current Location |Lower level office]
[music |hum of the tower and a bird singing outside]


It has been a nice weekend all in all.  We had the regular routine of preparing for the Book study Friday night.
Beginning the seven trumpet blasts in the Revelation climax.  Interesting how waiting and prayer were required during the period of "a half-hour of silence" occurred.  Saturday morning we had the book study, the Pitchfords are out of town so we had Bro. Finch conducting and Bro. Shack read.  We had a total of eight in attendance.

Amber and I were the only ones in service as some of the friends had other plans.  We called the KH and T.M. and his wife waited for us to join them. We went to Jerome. Then had lunch at Ziggies  N.T. joined us in the afternoon.
We drove to her call near Dent county and Amber had a few calls on the way back to town. When we got home we studied the Wtr. Really enjoyed the article based on the Fruitages of the Spirit. Amber is graphing them in a spreadsheet.

It was great having the four of us at the meeting Sunday. Mom wore a red skirt and blazer and looked so nice.
She has a new oxygen system. It is lighter and the oxygen is liquid. It gives her more movement and she doesn't have to deal with the metal tanks.  So far so good.

Sunday afternoon we were again with the McNulties and L. H. I really like the article on "optimism and good health"
it has practical suggestions from a study conducted by the Mayo clinic.  I want to cut it out and save the suggestions.
One of which reminds me of a prayer I once heard. Change the things you can and accept the things you cannot change and the wisdom to know the difference.  That last bit about wisdom wasn't included in the suggestion, I just remembered it from the prayer.  Two other suggestions I really want to remember to apply is at the end of each day think of three good things that happened that day, and, always remember to enjoy and appreciate some aspect of the work for that day.

Also on Saturday I met a lady in service who said she appreciated that when we came to her door we did not insist that she attend our "Church" the invitation was open but that we were trying to share something possitive and practical from the Bible. We had a very friendly conversation. It started service off on a happy note.

Today we are starting service at 9:30 am, from the KH. Amber and I are going to pick up K.O., a resently reactivated sister.  We will have the morning for service and go bowling in the afternoon.  In between we've got the chores done.
Saturday vacuumed/dusted the lower level for the book study, washed and hung three loads of laundry, meals and etc, cut the grass with the riding tractor.  The door to door ministry makes me keep to a schedule and gives me a sence of accomplishment. It keeps me from putting things off.  

Well guess I best get ready for the day.

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Ministry School/Service Meeting [Aug. 30th, 2007|07:29 am]
Melody Warner

I like how the daily text and ministry school fit together today.  "We love him although we never saw him" not direct quote but the substance.  Jesus was mild  and at the same time strong for righteousness.  Well we have the oral review.  I worked on the questions last night after dinner.  It was funny because Amber had finished studying during the day and was looking over my shoulder.  I was getting tired and my thoughts were jumbled.  I reread it this morning and it made more sence.

Neil called  Tuesday night for me to interview on the service meeting along with Rhonda S. We aux pio. during April last year. I turned in my application of September (after reading the KM last week).  
I enjoy aux pio because I get additional experience in using the Bible and doing the "work". Also the association helps me deal with my own imperfections and issues. Takes "me" out of the picture so much.  Helps me to focus on others.

Well time to get to work.  Yesterday was consistant not real busy but a mixture of tasks.  The PR group had award presentations for the X-team freshman. Pizza and cookies etc.  Think there is a department heads meeting this morning.  

Mom  and Dad are doing pretty good.  Sharon, Amber's Bible study, came to the house yesterday and Mom got to sit in.  
Enough chit chat, its quarter to 8 and I gotta get.

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All in a work week. [Aug. 25th, 2007|03:22 am]
Melody Warner
[Current Location |Lower level office]
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]
[music |hum of the fan and sound of the night frogs]


Well its been an exciting week. 
Classes are back in session on campus. My co-worker, Sagrie is taking a couple of classes. 

Mary bought her son Michael, a red neon.  I remember when Amber wanted a neon...she was going to name it NE( a "noble gas" on the periodical table chart).  Its sounds like a nice car good mileage and good price.

Annette was in St. Louis this week one day.

We had the Leadership meeting on Thursday.  Lots of projects and various business projects.  Signs for no pets and employee entrances.....presentations for chancellor meetings.
Reference has library instruction class underway. Tech services is tech servicing John S. is out till next Wednesday.

The IT outpost is a busy area new students getting various electronic issues and emails up and running.

The Library is humming with activity.  I feel we need to get more interest in interlibrary loan services out to the students things seem slow in borrowing it seems that it is often that way the first week or so of classes. It gives students time to rearrange schedules and get into their routine.  

Andy, our director, is also encouraging more outreach opportunities to let the campus community know about all our services to that end he suggested some activities in the form of video presentations.  This probably comes under public relations, Sherry M territory.  

Well my work week was pretty much on track. I start with every thought on doing the work at hand correctly.
I still mix things up.  We had a professor request a couple of papers and could not get on the computers on the first floor. I printed the pdf files out for him. He dozed off and I left the articles for him. I was afraid to wake him up. I meantioned it to Annette as I was heading out to lunch. I wish I had just wakened the gentleman up.  

Circulation is picking up I checked in a couple of books a patron brought in one was billed for replacement costs the other was not yet due but I didn't check the record.  I left them both for June S. who does the billing for circulation.

The student computer on the front side desk is not logging on. I tried rebooting(shutting down and restarting) but kept getting an error missing saying something about not accessing and if the problem continued asking the administator. That would be Randy  H. who was very busy at the time.   I was with a patron and when I had finished, Randy was busy else were.  Monday's issue.

I also refered a patron to reference that basically just needed an online article, I checked with Chris J. and he wasn't concerned either way if I helped her or refered her.  Chris was with a couple of students earlier in the week registering them for ILLIAD our interlibrary software system.  I remembered registering them in the past. So I asked if I could assist .  The couple are chinese and I had given them transportation to the KH for Louise H. Louise conducts bible discussions with the young woman, Amber has subtituted for her on occasion.

So school is back in session.

I had a pleasant surprise Thursday after the meeting. David C. a brother from Jeff City called and offered me a part on the special day assembly.  It came at a good time because I had just finished the new book from the district convention ( one good thing about early to bed and waking up at 3 am, you have reading time and praying time).
The part is on parental guidance and he needed a sister (perhaps a single parent) whose children a doing well spiritually in the truth. Brother DC had gotten a good recommendation from Dan G (the C.O.) for me....
Well I hate to ever turn down an assignment (priviledge) from Jehovah but I do feel there are others more qualified.

I have never felt like a good mother. I loved the children in my care. I loved them enough to want better than myself for them. My example has often been in what NOT to do. I will say that as long and as close as I apply what Jehovah's word teaches and stay with the His organization things workout best.  I have never felt like a single parent, Mom and Dad took Amber over and I let them without much fight.  I worked outside the home sometimes two jobs and made enough money never large amounts.  My best year finacially was about $35 K.  I've paid for braces for teeth and legs. Tried to contribute to the family in whatever was needed.  All that said, I declined the part on the assembly because I don't recommend my parenting  skills.  Amber is Jehovah's child.  We have learned the truth together she has excelled because she always is obediant to her heavenly Father.  Not perfect,,,who is? except Jesus.  She has choosen the "fine measure". She also has a good support base with the three of us.  She didn't understand why I would turn down the part.  Mother did.  I am amazed at what Mom understands.  So the decision is made.
Thank you Jehovah I needed to know that I am doing the right things.

I don't know if any of this makes sence, I had never had a panic attack before and I'm not much of a crier. Tears don't do anybody any good except to clean the eyes.  Sometimes I feel torn. I have "don't trust" too much.  I am grateful for my blessings. First to be part of Jehovah's organization, second my family (drives me crazy) but I love them, my job which allows me to support both first and second above. 

Well over an hour of this rambling should be enough. Amber needs about eleven hours to finish the service year. So this weekend will be service oriented(always a good thing).  

Agape and phila to my friends 

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Long time no news [Aug. 18th, 2007|06:14 pm]
Melody Warner
[Current Location |Lower level office]
[mood |gratefulgrateful]
[music |sound of locus and frogs]

Anyone out there???!!!
I hope any of my friends are sitting down..its been over a year since I have updated this journal.  Uhhhhugggh!
So here goes....
on the job front the library at University of Missouri-Rolla (which by the way will be changing its name in January 2008 to Missouri University of Science and Technology) still tolerates me and continues to keep me in its employ.
In all honesty, I did consider some other options by nothing beats the University for location to home (within 5 miles), security and benefits. I hope to increase my skill levels and be a greater asset in the coming year.

On the home front.....sigh....Mother and Dad have been changing places with health issues.  I think we are doing pretty well considering Mother had colon cancer and then radiation therapy for lung cancer and (thank Jehovah) is cancer free at this time.  She has some back problems from a herniated disk and some spinal fractures.  The good news is she did make all three days of the district convention in Columbia Missouri this year.  Dad has a heart problem which currently we are controling with medication. Again, at 79 years old they are both strong characters.

Amber is finishing her third year of pioneering with no plans to stop(another blessing from Jehovah).  
She substitute teaches for St. James Middle School, and the local Adult Education program for GED (general education deploma) in the area.

I would like to join her to that end I plan to auxilery pioneer based on the "weekend warrior" program and suppliment with evening letter writting.

Friday's daily text regarding "Keep on seeking first the kingdom" is in my mind. Although I can't remember this mornings to save my life...HA HA.

Oh yeah we still have the Saturday morning book study its has been a real blessing with Mother's illnesses.

Well the heat has just about got the garden this year, still getting cucumbers,  It looks like we'll have to plan better irrigation next year.  The chickhens are still laying pretty well we can always have an egg sandwich or omlette.

I would like to say I will keep up better this year but no promises. I have had some bouts with anxiety and depression and one of the remedies is journal writting along with more exercise, the E word which I really do enjoy between the other "Stuff" like laundry, cooking, cleaning, meetings,service, work to finance all that good stuff.....So my goal is to have a new positive attitude toward my life and work and family responsibilities.  With Jehovah through Jesus Christ all things are possible!!!!!

Working on the fruitages of the Holy Spirit....life is never boring!!

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Mom's surgery and other stuff [Apr. 23rd, 2006|07:23 am]
Melody Warner
[Current Location |Lower level office]
[mood |busybusy]
[music |Falling rain and the whirl of the dryer]

Its Sunday morning and a nice spring rain is underway. The air is so fresh and the sky is gray lavender. There is a mist of fog in the woods and the greens are undiscribable. I had wanted to journalize all the hospital goings on. I have skipped a few days and life moves quickly and slowly in the hospital. I should read where I left off..... The surgery went well, The ICU care was excellent. Mom had three nurses in shifts, Crystal, Amanda, and Marylou, all terrific and knowledgeable. It is difficult to be wired and tubed and monitored for three days without food. Everytime you fall asleep someone comes in and checks your vitals, or gives you a breathing treatment, or xrays you. Forget privacy altogether. Then there are the other patients especially those without family calling out at all hours either out of loneliness or drug induced delerium. There was a large window looking out at the new construction and a bit of a view to the east of trees toward the interstate and early in the morning the sun rose over the tree tops.
Which is how i knew it faced east. It was so exciting to have Mom walk the first day after surgery and have her epidermal removed. Every removal of a tube or monitor was a cause for celebration. She was moved upstairs Friday, Annette and Sagre came to visit and talked with Dad. The support from family, friends and co-workers has been amazing. i can't thank them enough. Amber and i went to the Thursday night meeting Sharon, Amber's bible study, was there. Its exciting to see her progress. She was attending regularly in pants. Two weeks ago she came in a dress and has worn dresses every since.
She is very sweet and a caring person has 6 children and a couple grandchildren. She has been wittnessing to her daughter in law and family members. She has even been able to make a rebuttel to her brothers negative comments. Faye too is doing well. Amber is going to the meeting this morning and out in service she has been able to keep up her time somewhat by writting letters to not at homes. i've been trying to keep up laundry so that gives me time to update the journal this morning. i heard a rumour that Mom can come home Thursday if all goes well. She really misses her magnetic mattress. Well in rereading this entry i hope it makes sence if not its probably a good release.
Thanks for listening.
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Saturday morning [Apr. 15th, 2006|11:55 am]
Melody Warner
[Current Location |Lower level office]
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]
[music |crowing rooster, clucking hens]

Howdy! It's been less than a year. Good start for me. Actually, its strange usually Saturday mornings are pretty busy with the bookstudy starting at nine. Which requires some preparation, vacuuming and setting up the folding chairs. The Amber, Mom and I get dressed and Dad does dog detail and opens the gate for our morning Bible study group. Neil Pitchford conducts. Mike Shack or Ron Gough reads. Neil's wife, Marlyn, is a regular pioneer. Mike's wife, Rhonda, is an inergetic grandmother of four. Their daughter, Katherine, Kat for short, and her husband Jerad Wheaton attend the study group with their baby daughter, Natalie and Kat's daughter Alana. Ron's grandson, Kyle also attends bi-weekly when not at his father's in Pacific MO.
Along with the four of us that is pretty much the regulars at the study. The Lipperd's, a young couple and Darla Ellis, an UMR student are also assigned but have not yet attended. I really like the fact we have a variety in age and experience. This morning is not the norm. Amber went on the van to the circuit assembly in St. Louis early, about 6:45 am. Dad has been mowning the grass and burning garbage. There isn't much wind and I am here to stay with Mom. So it's an opportune time. He has been in a bad mood anyway. I've been changing sheets on the beds and straightening up, dusting, domestic stuff. The laundry is about done which is why I'm writing this journal. Mom goes in for her surgery tomorrow afternoon. I'm going to stay with her through the week and next. Its colon surgery and the doctor is removing her gallbadder as well.
She had a colonoscopy about month ago. They where going to do it then but she was too weak. So they prescribed an Iron regemimn and weekly EPO shots to build her blood count and Monday is the day.
Our family has had a lot of support from the congregation, work and ect.
I am so grateful for the job at UMR that has allowed for the accumultation of family sick leave to take some time off. Well its noon, the dryer is quiet and there is lunch to get. So I try to keep writing atleast while on leave.
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Long time no news [Apr. 8th, 2006|07:28 am]
Melody Warner
[Current Location |home office]
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]
[music |hum of the tower]

Yes it has been some time since I last made a journal entry.
Life moves along and in all honesty I stay pretty routine.

Amber keeps up with this much better than I do.

As a family we have had many previledges this year.
A book study in our home on Saturday mornings.
We study for the book study on Friday nights, the Watchtower on Saturday nights,
attend together on Sunday, and Wednesdays, Amber and I prepare for the Thursday night School and Service Meeting. Amber pioneers and I get out on Sunday after the meetings.

We have some health issues, Mom is preparing for surgery on the 17th of this month.

I appreciate the ability to take a couple of weeks family sick leave to be with her.
Her health is our primary focus at this time.

Amber will have an adventurous week, she is going to the pioneer meeting in Manchester (outside of St. Louis) with some friends from St. James. Also she is taking the bus up to the Circuit Assembly next weekend.

Dad is doing very well. He has been keeping up the chickhens, grass, and outside. He also keeps the cars serviced.

On the job things are in constant flux. New circulation staff and returning staff. Our director, Andy, had the sad loss of his youngest son, Robert. He should be returning next week as we hear.

The spring has been very pleasant, the red buds trees are currently in bloom, the daffodiles are just finishing up and the red tulips are just lovely. Dad was able to spray the crab-apples and they have held their blooms as well. The grass is green it is a great spring!!!

Guess that's pretty much the course of things.
I won't make any promises that I will be better about writing.

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(no subject) [Mar. 4th, 2005|10:32 pm]
Melody Warner
[mood |happyhappy]
[music |California Here I come right back.......]

Ahhhhhh Friday night!

Friday nights are nice. Amber and I have our Bible Study with Faye Jackson at the Library after work about 5:30 pm till 6:30. I think it is going well. Faye is retaining the things that we share.
Another enjoyable study is our Saturday afternoons at Darla Ellis'. She is very articulate. Jehovah is blessing the effort! We study for the book study after dinner as a family everyone reads a paragraph and splits up the Bible verses. Then we watch Monk.

Saturday is the Book Study, Service, Darla, and chores, early evening we study the Watchtower it usually takes a couple of hours or so. Then Sunday we have the two meetings and service and get ready for the work week. Pretty consistant routine.

On the home front we have a large cardboard box in the family room full of 36 little fluffy chicks. The box started on the porch but we had some low temperatures and now they sing with the TV. Cute little things.

Work is good this is our busy season. Class projects are due and the research is heavy some 42 requests today only and 50 some yesterday.Attended a meeting and sent minutes to the director Thursday. Participated in a Public relations group meeting earlier in the week. Work is pretty busy.

I am also working in a shape-up group.
Set some weight and activity goals. Pretty much walking/running the track at lunch hour and walking the dogs after work. Try to build up to 5 miles a day. Phycing myself to keep and maintain a calorie diary with a goal of 1200 calories per day. I would like to see 140 again I only weigh every two weeks so 2 weeks ago I weighed in at 184 and I started at 197. I would like to be down for Amber and mine trip in June.
California Here we come!

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